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    I currently have a protection order against my ex-girlfriends new boyfriend because he pulled a gun on me and my 17 yr old nephew on may 18th. it was suppose to be a meeting with my ex to get my stuff from the house.

    I did not report the offense to the police because that day i had a warrant, though i did report the offense as soon as the warrant was lifted. The week of june 18th i forwarded a ccw class email to her to show her that i would be there on that day (related to our daughters visitation). She knew for 3 years i had been wanting my ccw's so it was no surprise. On june 18th when i walked in the class, My girlfriend, her new boyfriend and 2 of his friends were all in the class as well. the night before she told me that she would be spending the day with my daughter, but she decided to surprise me with her boyfriend and his crew.

    On June 19th i told her that i saw what she was doing and i would be notifying the cops about her boyfriends threats to my family and the gun threat. the next day she and he called me for about 2 hours saying stuff on the phone about molesting my daughter (he made the molestation comments) and murdering my family. When i finally had enough i went to the home to find out they had called the cops to the house to try to have me arrested. I was not arrested and saw the police in the distance before pulling up. i then went home.

    That night she filed for a bogus protection order stating that i abused her during our relationship. the actual protection order is a "no abuse" protection order which is the simplest order there is, per the court. Because i did not have an attorney i consented to not abuse her so that it remained non-public record until i could dispute. 100% of what she included in the protection order is false, but at the time my best solution seemed to be consenting. My protection order on her boyfriend is a full protection order and we go to court on july 20th.

    1st question:
    I feel like my girlfriend is setting me up multiple times to get hurt. each time i have been surprised by her boyfriend or the police, she is baiting me to these places. Can i file a protective order against her? and if so how does this affect my daughter's custody hearing on july 7th?

    2nd question: Can i add my daughter who is living with her to my protection order after my custody hearing on july 7th? i was told because i dont have custody i cant add her now, but after the custody hearing i could.

    3rd question: During the gun incident, i was on the phone talking to my ex-girlfriends mother while it was happening, can i subpoena her to court also?

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    Can you file for a protective order against you because... they filed for a protective order against you and you consented to its entry? Well, technically you could, but you can expect the judge to tear you a new orifice.

    If you're worried about your daughter being around this boyfriend, how about asking the custody court to order that the mother not expose her to the boyfriend?

    Whatever you told your ex-girlfriend's mother is hearsay, and I somehow doubt that she saw anything herself. What do you imagine that she would testify about?

    You really should be working with a custody lawyer.

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    Default Re: Protection Order

    You are really having too much interaction with this woman. You had ample opportunity to go to the police with legitimate issues. You didn't and now it will look like you are going for a tit-for-tat order of protection. I am not saying that ir can't be done, but now it's going to be more difficult to obtain. Also, I'm assuming that the "ccw's" you referenced to is regarding concealed and carry? If that is the case the order of protection may cause you to lose your FOID card privileges.

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