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    Default No Premium Paid but Declarations Sheet Says "Actual Cash Value"

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Massachusetts

    My girlfriend used to own a clunker and declined collision/limited/comprehensive but purchased a better used car approximately 1 year ago. In switching the insurance over, she asked to add collision/limited/comprehensive but did not follow it through as well as she should have.

    She got into an accident today based on adverse road conditions (glare from sun) and looking at her policy, I do see that she is not paying a premium but under "Limits" it says "Actual Cash Value" with no deductible. Her insurance company is stating she has NO COVERAGE.

    Personally I find this confusing and would make me think that I am covered, I might expect to see "0" or "Declined" there.

    Is this (the way it is phrased on the coverage form) common practice for people that decline Collision? The damage is substantial and getting insurance to cover would make a big difference.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: No Premium Paid but Declarations Sheet Says "Actual Cash Value"

    If you didn't want insurance coverage, didn't buy insurance coverage, didn't pay for insurance coverage, and knew your policy did not cover the loss at issue, a clerical error on the dec sheet (assuming that you're not simply misinterpreting the information presented) doesn't create coverage.

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