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    Default Rear Ended, No Damage, Now She is Claiming for Whiplash

    Today I was driving between 5-8mph in a busy town centre, and not noticing that the lights had changed from green to red, I rear ended some girl, she was about 22.
    First of all she said she was fine, there is no damage to the exterior of either car, but she showed me that her radio had popped out, this could only have been my fault of it was loose to begin with, not wanting to get my insurance involved and lose my no-claims I was happy to pay for this, after we had parked up, she was on the phone to her mother, then started complaining about having a sore neck, which seems to be very suspicious. I am wondering if she has much chance of getting a claim without any physical evidence for the insurance companies. Please Help! I have got 3 years no claims and I am just about to turn 21, I was looking forward to a big dip in my insurance, not a huge rise!

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    Default Re: Rear Ended, No Damage, Now She is Claiming for Whiplash

    I'm not going to go hard on you as we all live in glass houses and this could happen to any of us.

    But since you rear ended her at a turtle's pace, she has a claim. I see MRI's and X-rays leading to PT and some sort of payment for P&S.

    If she gets a lawyer, it could backfire as the lawyer and medical providers may take most of the settlement leaving her with little and your insurance company with a big bill (but she will get treatment needed). The strategy with a lawyer is sometimes to run up the meds as much as possible to get the best reward.

    Actually though, I hope she wasn't hurt as if her neck was in the wrong position when rear ended, it could cause damage at even at a slow speed. I was stiff after my accident and woke up to an inflamed neck.

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