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    Default Neighbors Fence Fell into Our Yard - Can We Remove It

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: New Jersey

    My neighbors fence is a piece of junk and it fell into our yard, it is entangled in a tree and we tried to push it back over but to no avail. It is obstructing our driveway and we want to get rid of it. If it is on our property can we legally remove it and we also told the people who live in the house about it but to no avail.

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    Default Re: Neighbors Fence Fell into Our Yard Can We Remove It

    If you can wait a bit more, I would send a certified letter demanding they remove the fence from your property with 7 days. Continue with that if they fail to remedy the problem within that time, you will have it removed and bill them for the costs.

    Obviously they may do nothing and ignore a dunning notice for the costs. If you want to seek compensation for the costs, you would likely be relegated to court.

    I would take a lot of pictures before doing anything though. It's always a good idea to document anything you can with pictures.

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