My question involves a roommate in the State of: CA
hello, sorry if this all seems redundant but each situation is a little different.

There were Two of us on the one year lease. We both signed. My housemate moves out in the middle of the day. He takes only the things he wants and leaves a lot of personal crap behind. Basically abandons home. I continue to pay full rent. I also made him drop off his key, which he did willingly without taking his stuff. So my questions are::

1. Can I sue in small claims for the other half of the rent for the months that he has been gone? The lease ends soon and I will move to a smaller place.

2. He wants to come get his stuff. I told him only after he pays rent. He only has a bed and some dishes. Nothing worth the $6000 in rent he owes. He is threatening to come over with the cops to collect his possessions. Can he do this?

This is not a relationship related ordeal.