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    Default Do You Have 72 Hours to Back Out of a Lease

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: new york. i know you have 72 hours to break contracts without fees. does the same hold true for 55+ communities. lease and security were given at 3pm sat june 25,2011.people still live in unit. for me it will be ready aug, 1,2011. lease and monies were taken before credit check, can that help us get out of this lease and hopefully get our full 2 months security back?

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    Default Re: Do You Have 72 Hours to Back Out of a Lease

    The 72 hour rule is not for all contracts - it's for contracts you enter with salespersons who come to your house, uninvited, to sell you something. It does not apply to leases.

    You want to break this lease "just because"? Or is there a reason? When you say "people still live in unit" are you suggesting that you were supposed to move in before August 1 but the unit is not available on the move-in date specified in the lease?

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