My question involves employment and labor law for the state of:New Jersey

During work hours I was getting unbearable pain in the abdomen. Because there is no call out policy, I went to the restroom to ask other employees to come in for me so i can leave.

No one else could come in. My manager noticed I was in the restroom for 10 minutes and asked what was going on. I told him of my pain and he told me to get myself together and go back to work. I repeated that i could not and he sarcastically suggested "you want me to call the ambulence" I agreed having the ems come.

They checked me out, and along with the cops there i secretly told them this was the only way i could get out of work because i was in terrible pain but not allowed to leave. They told him i could not work, said they were sending me to the hospital. I walked out with them and ended up driving myself to the hospital.

Is there anything i can do to proceed to sue my company? Previous employees were fired because they called out sick, there is "no call out policy" . I have been working there over a year and am forced to come in sick if i can not find coverage.

Also, we (the employees) work 8 or more hrs a day and only get one unpaid thirty minute break. Can I use this to build a case against them with labor laws, or anything? Or if they fire me the next day i work, can i sue?

-Thanks in advance