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    Default Taking back a new car

    i just bought a new jeep grand cherokee on friday 21 of july. they told me that the car would get at least 20 miles per gallon on the hwy. we signed the contract and the dealership said that we could not get a copy of the paper work until monday. well i drove the car and found out the car was only get between 15 and sixteen miles per gallon on the hwy. we also was told that we have 30 days to return it if we did not like it. well i stopped in the dealership on monday and told them that i wanted to get the same car in a six cylinder. they were going around in circles and giving me the run around. what is the laws on a contract. i do not have a copy of the contract and therfore assume that the contract is void if i were to push the matter. is there a3 day business law were i can take the car back if i decided to not like the deal. i like the car , i just want to get it in a v-6 so i can get better gas mileage, by the way it has av-8 which shifts into a 4 cyclinder on the hwy to get better mileage. like i said it is only getting between 15 and 16 miles per gallon

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    You're going to need to find your contract to figure out if you have any contractual right to return the car. Your not having a copy of the contract does not render it void - if you did not receive a copy, ask the dealership to give you one. There's no automatic three-day return period for a new car purchase.

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