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    My question involves insurance law for the state of: GA. A person gets laid off from a job. They elect to not take cobra but instead find health insurance individually. Then providers such as doctors and pharmacies who have been notified that the old health insurance is no longer valid, continue to bill the old insurance and low and behold, get paid! Even though several times they are told the person no longer works for the company they still try to bill the old insurance. IT appears that the old employer has continued in error, to pay the premiums for the employee that no longer works there. My question is, if the old employer finds out that they have paid the premiums in error and that the health insurance was billed and paid claims, will the previous employer then come after the previous employee and expect payment for premiums that the employee did not request?

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    It is possible.

    Far more likely is that the old insurance company will come after you for monies paid. You should then work with your new insurance company to get the amounts paid.

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    thanks. When we have realized it was a doctor that got paid, we provide them the new insurance info and tell them that they were paid inerrently. I supposed they are waiting for the old insurance to ask for the money back. As for pharmacies, our new insurance does not cover prescriptions, so we joined the discount program at the individual pharmacy and expected that what they charged us was because of their discount program. We found out recently that 2 different pharmacies we used have been billing the old insurance and were paid. What should we do? We would have not purchased certain expensive drugs had we known the actual price, but thought we were being charged the pharmacies discount club price.

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    You consumed the drugs... you will be on the hook for those.

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