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    Default Taking Ex-Roommate to Court for Owing Me Money

    My question involves small claims court in the state of: Illinois.

    I gave my roommate rent money ($1,100) upfront for 2 months of rent. She was verbally assaulting me, demeaning me, and causing me so much stress that I had to leave the place early. I left after 7 weeks and did not stay the full 8 weeks that I paid for because she basically left me no choice but to leave. I wanted a weeks portion of my rent money back ($137) because she drove me out of there prematurely. She refused to give me anything at all. Furthermore, I recently chipped in $75 for groceries on 6/19 and I did not get to eat any of that food. I wanted that money back on top of my rent money but she would not give me anything. She would not even allow me to take any of the food with me that I paid for. In total I figure she owes me $212.

    I want to take her to small claims court, but I don't know if I even have a case for this situation. First of all, we never signed any contracts or leases; it was purely a verbal agreement. Second, I never got any type of receipt from her for my rent payment (I paid in cash). The only record that exists is the date I moved out (6/21) because I had to call the police on her because she was physically threatening me; so it was documented by the police that I asked her for my money and that I moved out on that day. Please help and I will gladly answer any questions.

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    Default Re: Taking Ex-Roommate to Court for Owing Me Money

    Not getting along with a roommate is generally not going to provide you with a basis to leave early and get rent back. We don't know how bad things were, and we have no access to the police report; you're can try to convince a court that her actions rose to the level of a constructive eviction, but we are not in a position to assess your chance of success.

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