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    Angry Laid Off While on FMLA

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: NC
    My brother worked for a very large auto company for 15 years. He had to take a FMLA leave for a hip replacement. Two weeks after he returned, he and 2 fairly new employees were layed off due to cut backs. My brother told his boss that he was very senior to most of the remaining employees in his same position and asked why "He" was being layed off instead of them. He was told that it was based on hours of work over the past three months. He reminded his boss that he had been out on FMLA but was told that there was nothing they could do because of the rules that the company had set for the layoff procedure. I told him to find a lawyer. He can not afford one right now. What should he do?

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    He should contact the US DOL, which is the regulatory agency for FMLA.

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    Default Re: Layed Off While on FMLA

    Plaintiff-side employment discrimination lawyers work on contingency (a percentage of recover), so cost shouldn't be an issue.

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