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    Default Rental Car Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and Towing Dispute

    I recently rented a car from AVIS in Michigan and not having full coverage on my personal automobile elected to purchase the LDW and so I thought towing from the rental car company as a percausion. Unfortunately I was in an accident on the way back from my trip which resulted in the vehicle having to be towed. Due to the nature of the accident the police made me tow the car with a local company and would not let me wait for an avis tow truck. I immediately cvontacted about the accident and gave Avis the details of the accident and of the towing company. The next day I also went into the local office and filed an accident report. Five days later with out being informed or reciving a bill from AVIS I noticed an $900 charge on my credit card bill. I contacted AVIS about the charges and they stated it was for towing which I did not purchase. At the rental counter with another person as my witness I specifically asked if I had towing and roadsise assistance and the agent stated that I did. On the rental agreement it only had a check mark next to LDW and the agent assured me this included the road side assistance and towing. I did not think nothing of it at the time becuae the agent asured me that I did. Looking at the agreement I signed it did not specifcally have descriptions but only codes LDW, PAT, PEP, and ALT without explinations. I attempted to contact the rental car company several times and was told a supervisor would call me back after reviewing the claim of purchasing towing and no one ever did. Finally after persistance I was able to reach a supervisor and they stated that the claim of purchasing towing could not be verified and that because the interaction with the agent took place in person and was not recorded they would take that into consideration. So a few questions (1) can the rental car company charge unauthorized charges in excess of their required deposit without notification? (2) is there any recourse that can be taken against the rental car company on the basis of a verbal confirmation from an employee with a witness present and the fact that the rental agreement used codes without descriptions for the customer on it? (3) I apparently have rental insurance through VISA that I was unaware of, but its my understanding that purchasing the LDW through the rental agency voids this, Can anyone help me understand why this is or if there is anyway around it?

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    Default Re: Rental Car Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and Towing Dispute

    Are you stating that you purchased towing insurance but violated your contract by not having Avis tow the vehicle? Or are you stating that you thought you purchased towing insurance, but for some reason that was not included in the contract you signed when you rented the car?

    What are you talking about in relation to "unauthorized charges in excess of their required deposit"? You appear to be stating that you incurred a towing charge. You can be billed for charges you incur, even if they exceed a deposit you have paid toward any such costs. You had "notification" that you were incurring the towing charge, as you were the one who had the car towed.

    I have no access to your contract with Visa, and thus won't speculate about what it says or why it might not apply. If for some reason your contract with your credit card company does not extend insurance under these circumstances, then that's what the contract provides - you have to read it to find out.

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