My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Massachusetts; City of Worcester.

I lost my key in such a manner as I know it is irrertrievable by anyone, and even if someone found it they couldn't associate it with my house (it's complicated but let's just say it fell down a storm drain).

I expressed the situation (in more detail) to my landlord, who decided that since he has no spare key to give me (my housemate has a key but it has "ILLEGAL TO COPY" engraved on it) he now has to change the locks for the whole house, at a cost of $100 to myself. This would be fine with me, as it was in the verbal agreement we originally made, although the written lease makes no mention of lost keys.

However it's now been nearly two weeks, and the landlord still hasn't had the locks changed or provided me with means of entering the house (the doors lock automatically). He says "his guy" is really busy and hasn't gotten back to him- but I was under the impression that re-keying or changing locks didn't even take that long.

I have to ask my housemate to let me in now; which is a pain because he isn't always available. I feel like I'm a guest in someone else's home. What can I do? Don't I have a legal right to entry to my own home? Doesn't the landlord have a legal responsibility to promptly repair entryways or something?

Thanks very much for your help.