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    Default Am I Considered a Tenant in California if I Lived at a Place 11 Months Rent Free

    I am a college student and I want to know if I am considered a tenant under the law. Does an oral agreement between the landlord and I, despite being rent free, still considered a binding agreement, thus a lease?
    I was living at a very wealthy friend's home in CA for nearly 11 months rent free. My friend owns many properties and did not live there with me. I was given permission by the homeowner to live there. I was kicked out suddenly from my room and the place without proper legal notice and not by the landlord/owner of the place but his head houseman and property manager. All for filing a theft report w/ the cops bc 1k was missing from my room. I feel I was wrongfully evicted, was bullied, harassed and my life threatened that night and I am seeking punitive damages. I'm just a 5'4' Japanese girl who was up against two large 5'11" UFC-build men that night.

    They should have just done the right thing and gone through the normal eviction process. As a result I am seeking damages and fighting for what is right. Do I have a good case?

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: CA

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    Default Re: Am I Considered a Tenant in California if I Lived at a Place 11 Months Rent Free

    Being a house guest does not make you a tenant. You didn't have a lease or other rental agreement, and didn't pay rent.

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