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    Default Possible Check Fraud Charges While on Probation

    i am currently on misdemeanor probation in the state of texas for petty theft.

    my ex employer is crazy and has launched an investigation saying i stole from him. i have no idea of the amount (i'm guessing $5,000? or around there from checks I've seen from the looks like a felony although i don't know what class). He is accusing me of writing checks to myself, using the company card incorrectly.

    The detective on the case is in the "financial crimes" unit and has been in constant contact. He told my attorney that he is likely going to go to a grand jury and try to get a probable cause warrant.

    My probation officer told me that if that warrant goes out my probation would be revoked and i'd be in jail pending the trial which could take a year.

    Random question...

    If I just left the state of Texas and didn't come back what is the likelihood that they would look for me? Would they just leave me alone (pending getting pulled over for speeding or getting in trouble at all) or would they attempt to find me?

    In what cases do police look for people with warrants and in what cases do they just enter them into the system and if the person pops up then arrest them?

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: On probation and facing possible new charges

    You should consult a criminal defense lawyer.

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    Default Re: On probation and facing possible new charges

    Fleeing the state will likely land you in jail sooner or later.

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