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    Question Emancipation Rights in New Hampshire

    my name is ryan and i am from new hampshire and i am only 14 but i have heard different things about what i can do. i cannot stay with my mother because she is very unstable. she can turn on a dime, one second she is all happy and then she will start screaming. her and my father both think im selling/doing drugs wich i am not and have never done. they also are forcing me into doing things in school i dont want to do. they want me to be in law and that is one of the last things i want to do. i dont know much about it and the classes i have taken on it i dont know anything they are talking about and i just dont really comprehend any of it. my parents freak out when i dont pass the class with good grades even tho i have explaind it to them many times. my email is if ne one can send me ne info on wut i can do please send it with the title EMANCIPATION. thank you all for anythig you can help me with.

    a few of the things i would like to kno are:

    how old do i have to be

    if there is any way to get emancipated without my mothers concent

    what are the requirements for being emancipated

    what i have to do in court and what my mother can do to stop this from happneing

    and really ne other info on this

    i kno this is a big decition but i have thought alot about it and i kno its wut i want to do, i think its for the best. thank you all once again!!

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    Default Re: Emancipation Rights in New Hampshire

    There are no laws in New Hampshire that allow a minor to seek emancipation from their parents.

    Aside from that, how would you propose to support yourself at the tender age of 14. In any state that does allow minor initiated emancipation there is a requirement of self support.

    I would suggest you speak with your school counselor. If this is not possible or you have a true fear for your safety, call the child pretective services inyou area.

    Truthfully it sounds as you are simply going through what millions of other teenagers must endure as they become adults. Without any fear of harm, you are simply your parents child and must endure until such time you can legally live on your own.

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    Default Re: Emancipation Rights in New Hampshire

    New Hampshire does not appear to have any provision for a minor to emancipate; it does recognize emancipation orders as granted by other states.

    Your parents are worried because you aren't doing well in school, and are even failing some classes. They are encouraging you apparently to take academic classes and you don't like those classes (or is it extracurricular activities). They are concerned that your poor performance in school may indicate that you're using drugs. You're probably spending a lot of time in your room with the door closed - playing on the Internet or playing video games - and somebody has probably suggested that this is a "sign" of withdrawal from the family and drug use. Welcome to the world of parents and teenagers.

    If you really want to be emancipated, you're going to have to get your act together - even in states which permit emancipation you have to show yourself capable of handling your own social and financial affairs. Flunking classes and getting bad grades will generally convince the court that you're not a good candidate for emancipation.

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