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    Default Can a Creditor Get a Lien for the Marital Home for the Debt of Only One Spouse

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Georgia.. Recently i have had a summary judgement ruled against me and it shows up on my credit report as a FIFA.. I and my wife own a home and since the judgement is against me and not her can they put a lein on the house? I am disabled(legally blind) so they cant get my SSDI. The only property i have is the house.. So do both of have to be sued to get the lein to happen or it only takes one name.. She was not on the credit card so she is not responsible for the debt. which is $54000.00 THANKS!!

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    Default Re: Can a Creditor Get a Lien for the Marital Home for the Debt of Only One Spouse

    Georgia does not appear to recognize tenancy by the entirety, so if a judgment creditor is entitled to impose a lien against your real property they should be able to impose such a lien against your share of the property.

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