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    Default Giving Husband Custody

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Michigan

    Actually, me and my husband have been married for 11 years, recently i have cheated on him, i regret doing so, and feel that it is morally wrong, and the only way i would be able to forgive myself and make it up to him and my children is to live as his wife everyday the way god intended, he needs assurance that i will never do this again and to prove to him we have decided on a post nuptial agreement, stating the custody of our children if this was to ever happen again between, either spouse, that whoever leaves the marriage, whether it be caused by cheating or not, will give 100 percent custody to the spouse that was left, the children will remain in the home that the family resided in and the spouse that leaves will have to agree on visitation decided on the parent that has 100% custody. my question is , is that the best way to go about it, or is there someway i can give him custody and us to still remain married and living together?

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    There would need to be a full determination of custody upon separation/or divorce, and though the post-nup can indicate the intention of the parties involved it would not be enforceable in and of itself.

    Weren't you told this on a different forum?
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