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    Default Injury from a Chemical Spill

    Hello, My question resides in the state of: California

    I'm here to ask what kind of help/lawyer does my friend need to hopefully get the help she deserves. She was involved in a chemical spill that happened in 1991 in Sacramento, California.

    Her legal guardians were compensated with money to help pay for the hospital bills & they did use the money for that purpose. There was also money paid by the state/government to help pay for just everyday household things. Just free money basically. Well for some reason the free money stopped coming as the account was closed by the state.

    I met her though my friend who is now her boyfriend but I'm still her friend and one day we were hanging out and her leg just froze up and she couldn't walk. I had to forcefully bend/move her leg for her so that it would unfreeze/lock then she could walk again. She explained to me what had happened and showed me the paperwork for everything and I told her that she should talk to a lawyer or something but she hasn't the clue what kind of lawyer to talk to or anything really. This all happened when she was a kid.

    From what I've read/been told her legal guardians signed paperwork/documentation that they wouldn't sue the chemical company/plant but she was just a kid and I understand that they as the legal guardians have the authority to make choices/decisions for her is there anything that could be done now since shes now 21 and is still having problems?

    She suffers from bad joints all over her body and has constant lock ups. She has also been deemed infertile so she can't have kids.

    Something like like this thats soo life altering considering the fact that this is with her for the rest of her life there's gotta be something she can do?.

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who might have some ideas/help for her and hopefully theres something that can be done.

    Thanks for your time in advanced for reading this and have a good day.

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    Default Re: Chemicial Spill W/Life Altering Changes. What Kind of Lawyer Do We Talk to

    Statute of limitations on this one is long over. Was there something in the paperwork indicating a date/reason why payments would stop? Was there a max payout that was reached? About the only avenue of relief she might have is if the payments were stopped in breach of whatever contract/settlement her folks signed.

    Her parents signing the forms pretty much eliminated any hope she might have had if the SOL hadn't run out. She probably needs to look into SSDI and any other state programs available.

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