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    Default How Can Teen Parents-to-Be Live Together Against Parents' Wishes

    My question involves emancipation laws for the State of: South Carolina

    Hello, I am 17 years old and I leave in South Carolina. I have 16 year old girl friend who is pregnant with my child. We are trying to find out how to get her to move in with me. Her house is no where in condition for a child. There is no heat or air, they have almost nothing healthy to eat, and worst of all they have no jobs. I live in a much better house, and I have my own job so that I could support her and the baby. My parents would also help us. Her parents aren't good people at all. They do not take her safety or the babies safety into consideration. Is there any way she could move in with me? Before or even after our baby is born?

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    Default Re: Emacipation

    If there is no heat or air, CPS/equivalent should be notified and your pregnant girlfriend can be removed and placed somewhere safe (which would not be with you/your parents).

    Emancipation is NOT going to happen. She is pregnant - this tells the court that she needs more and not less adult supervision.

    Please read the other threads here.

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    Default Re: Emacipation

    She can move in with you - as soon as she turns 18.

    Until then, she lives where her parents say she lives. She does not qualify for emancipation. Nor, might I add, do you.

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    Default Re: Emacipation

    I don't know of any protective services agency in any state that will remove a child because the parents don't have air conditioning. I suppose if the child had a medical condition that necessitated air conditioning, it might be an issue. But lots of people live without air conditioning, and you'll find that was the norm throughout human history.

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    Default Re: How Can Teen Parents-to-Be Live Together Against Parents' Wishes

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    Her house is no where in condition for a child.
    Then she shouldn't have had a child until she had already lawfully secured a place with "right" conditions. If her living situation is found to be unfit for the child, she can expect social services to remove the child. She should NOT be expecting that the court OR social services will be working to place a minor with the person who impregnated her.

    There is no heat or air,
    Heat could be an issue. But in summer, it's irrelevent.

    they have almost nothing healthy to eat,
    As long as they have something, every day, that's usually enough. She seems to have enough strength to have sex and make babies.

    and worst of all they have no jobs.
    Jobs aren't required. They only need to provide shelter, food every day, clean running water, and weather appropriate clothing. The method by which they do that isn't relevent, unless it involves illegal activity. You are simply NOT going to convince a court, under ANY circumstances, that she be removed from her parents to play house with you. She may get removed, but such removal will put her in STATE care.

    Once the child is born, and you are legally established as the father, you can seek custody of the child and argue to the court that you and your family can better provide for the baby. Even if you win that arguement and DO get full custody of the child, the mother won't be coming along for the ride until either she reaches 18, or her parents ALLOW her to live with you.

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