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    Default Relocation Due to Past Domestic Violence

    I have already had my dissolution hearing and just awaiting my final decree in mail. The reason for the end of my marriage was 10 yrs of physical n emotional abuse, some of which my children witnessed. I still want my ex to have a bond with the children. I am looking to relocate from Oh to VA soon. in our preamble it states that we may move out of state provided i give address, phone number, and discuss a visiting schedule which i am completely fine with, and he is SOMETIMES. Now he is saying he will fight me not to move with our younger children, i have wonderful employment opportunities that await me there. a lawer i talked to here says i have nothing to worry about due to his long criminal record and domestic violence offense, as well as his most recent DUI. also he was denied citizenship because poor lack of moral character, according to INS. Is there a chance he can stop me from moving ? Please please help me. staying here in ohio means he will have control over me still..and my children need better opportunities than what my small town has to offer ,and do not wish for them to see the negative side of him any more.

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    Default Re: Relocation.( Domestic Violence)

    Can he stop YOU from moving, no. But he CAN challenge you taking the children out of state with you. If he wants to challenge it, he'll need to do so via the courts, and as the attorney already indicated, his odds aren't good. Until and unless he actually DOES formally motion the court over the issue, follow what your decree says.

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    Default Re: Relocation.( Domestic Violence)

    thank you so very much. I am actually scared out of my wits, being threatned for 10 yrs to even leave or end the marriage, my nerves are frazzled. I don't like conflict or i said although he doesn't deserve it, i believe my children deserve to have contact with their Father, it will be up to them as they old they choose to view him. I guess I just need reassurance or moreso logical statements n or advice. thank you very much again, very greatly appreciated

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