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    Default How to Remove Name from Title Without Selling

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: TEXAS

    Since property tax records are all over the internet these days, I was wondering how I could avoid having my name associated with a piece of real estate? I have had a few people look me up this and don't like the idea of being "found" so easily. I know there is no way of hiding yourself completely, but having an extra "layer" of privacy when it comes to Tax records being on the internet will make me feel better.

    I was thinking about creating a Trust and just transfering the Title to it, but I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Best Way to Remove Name from Title W/O Selling

    It's always possible to find the owner if you're willing to dig a bit. Real estate titles aren't like car titles where the latest one supersedes the others. They history of the property chain is always going to be there, so if you hold it in your name now and transfer it into a trust, it's going to be fairly obivous. If you initially titled it in the trust, and you had a trustee that was NOT you (like a lawyer or banker) you might obscure it some more, but there are still ways (unless you can pay cash).

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