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    Default U.S. Citizenship Application Pending


    I had my US Citizenship interview last week but unfortunately i did not get the approval, instead it was on hold and im just waiting for the letter requesting for evidence because the problem is that the officer found out that when i got my greencard 2006 my son was not declared in my application for the greencard and he on my US Citizenship application. My son was born 2005 and i applied the greencard or visa 2004, im sure when a did my first interview at the US embassy in 2004 my son is not born yet i just didnt got the approval of visa at the time becuase i still need to do DNA test due to lack of supporting Docs ( father filed the I-130 petition, im not married) and after that i had my last Interview 2006 which i was approved and left the same year 2006.. The officer was telling me that i lied and he cant make decission.. i cant remember anything 6 years ago so i just told the officer that i wasnt married at that time and my dad dont know that i already have a child, all i rememerber is that after the first interview all i did was to wait for my DNA test and submitt expired docs like NBI, AOS and stuff that theres an expirations.. i cant remember if i filled up another paper work asking me if i have a child... anyway.. godknows that im sure if i missed to declare my son at that time maybe i just confused or really didnt signed any documents again since he was born... as of now im still waiting for the Letter " Request for Evidence hopefully ill get it by tomorrow.. Do i still have a bigger chance to get approve for citizenship since i declared him in my USC application meaning it was an honest mistake or what so ever??? im sure i did not gain any immigration benifit either way... also what are the possible evidence that they need??? im really stress and frustrated right now and i really need some good advice from all of you.. GODBLESS


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    Default Re: U.S. Citizenship Application Pending

    It's not clear what you're saying. Are you stating that you didn't declare your son because at the time you completed the form he was not yet born? Are you stating that you lied because you didn't want your father to know that you had a child (and if so, how would he have found out from the form)? Are you stating something else?

    You may want to have a friend help you better compose and present your thoughts, as I suspect there is a bit of a language barrier.

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    sorry about that... yes, when i started signing forms for the petition my son is not born yet, also if i had my interview 2004 and my son is born 2005 that means all forms that needed for the petition has been already submitted.. my petition just got delayed because i need to take DNA test to proved that the petitioner is my real father... after the DNA i just re-submitted (mid 2005) some requirments like NBI,AOS but i cant remember if i signed another form asking for childrens...i got my Immigrant Visa april 2006 .My question is that either i didn't declare my son or his not born yet when i did the application for the greencard do i still have a bigger chance to get my Citizenship??? i got married in 2007 so that means im single when i apply for the Immigrant Visa .. also i declare my son on my Citizenship application.... other than that all of my paper works and elligibility to become a US Citizen is accurate and i also passed the test...

    Heres what happen at the time of my interview..

    The officer compared my US Citizenship application to my Immigrant Visa application and found out that on my IV application my son is not listed. He asked me why my son is not listed on my IV apps since i got approved 2006 and he was born 2005??? i panic because he asked me to tell him the truth and he sounds like his already accusing me that i lied on that IV application.. i told him "first of all im not married at that time of the application and the only thing i remember is that my dad dont know that i already have a son "...thats what i told the officer. After that he told me that he couldnt make a desicion yet and his going to talked to his supervisor. When i got home i recieved an email saying that USCIS sent a mail requesting for Evidence...i dont have the letter yet but im hoping ill have it this week.. I wish i asked the officer the date on the form that his talking about.. i got caught off guard and also he didnt gave me time to think instead he BANG on his desk and asked me to tell him the thruth right away... Do you think i still have a chance to get approved???

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