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    Post Federal Government Injunction

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Federal, District Court, Arizona.

    Knisely vs Weich. I'm the "federal procecutor." CV-11-978-PHC-ECV (PACER)

    None of this is a secret. Filed in this carry over from Nevada case is letters from:

    U.S. Immigrations & Customs Enforcement (ICE); federal inquiry Senator Harry Reid

    FBI Headquarters, Counterterrorism Division, National Security Branch; federal inquiry Senator Jon Kyl

    (Those two letters together are the foundation of the tort civil case)

    Envelopes from: National Security Agency, Office of the Director of National Intelligence

    After the USA responds, I want to file an Injunction to break away from the Nevada jurisdiction issue and allow Arizona to take over....because things keep happening even with me living over here in Arizona and the "good feds," in Arizona can't do anything until I can get away from my abusers: The Las Vegas FBI, "Nevada," and "Las Vegas."

    High crime situation. Read case. "Missing witnesses." Not enrolled in DOJ programs--ICE letter is lead evidence.

    "we determined Ms. Knisely's request is within the purview of the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ)."

    Ronald Weich (DOJ) is horrible, which is why he is getting sued. He is just as much of a criminal as the rest of Nevada.

    No attorney will take the case. Can you show me the right law book(s) to read with federal government injunction examples and I will follow that pattern.


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    Default Re: Federal Government Injunction

    It's not clear from your post what you are trying to accomplish or if it's even possible. Is the problem here that (a) you're unable to find a lawyer who will take your case even if paid by the hour, (b) you want a free lawyer and you can't find anybody willing to take your case for free, or (c) the lawyers you have interviewed have told you that your case (or the relief you're trying to obtain) is without merit and they won't take it on that basis.

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    Default Re: Federal Government Injunction

    If I did not have the letters from federal government agencies at Headquarters I would not be able to do anything at all. For years, the victims including two children were heavily railroaded. Attorney Randy Roske (Nevada) finally said ok, we need to go to Majority Senate Leader Harry Reid. Between a few letters and a trip to Washington DC at my own expense to talk to Senator Reid, I was finally able to get the lead letter signed by Attorney Elliot Williams with ICE Headquarters in Washington DC, "we determined Ms. Knisely's request is within the purview of the US Department of Justice," and lists the name and address of Assitant Attorney General Ronald Weich.

    Getting other letters after that has been easy. All I do is show the lead letter and everyone seems to want to participate. Right away Senator John McCain was on it, then Senator Jon Kyl, the National Security Agency, the Office of the Director of Naitonal Intelligence, the United Nations Security Counsel, the US Mashal, the US Secret Service and the Phoenix Police but that was by defult because the "corruption from Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas FBI' affected both of us and remains ongoing.

    I can email you the lead complaint. I set the DOJ up. I filed it as a tort, so they could answer in the only way they can then I ammend the complaint and double back it with a injuntion.

    Given the letters that I have already filed from federal government agencies and the other ones soon to be filed, I have a full hand of cards and the DOJ has nothing.

    I would like a comparison case in a injunction so I can write it in the correct nomeclature to make the court happy.

    I'm not paying a attorney anything. I don't have to with the federal letters I have. Other federal government agencies citied the criminals in other government agencies.

    Besides, the general attorneys I had for my family law cases should have helped correct some of the smaller issues they knew about especially recogizing that it all leads up to contributory negligence and other legal problems. Also,

    I can name three known instances of attorney malpractice all of whom work for the government. Three more instances exist that are in question as well, soon to be found out upon discovery.

    If you want to look at this at the very least for legal historical purposes you are more than welcome. An everyday person and long term victim like me does not get this kind of evidence from federal government agencies and the Senate.

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    Default Re: Federal Government Injunction

    Mr. K,

    I'm thinking only you or Aaron are actually qualified to handle this situation but I'll be watching from the wings hoping to learn from you.

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