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    Default Preliminary Hearing, Fingerprinting Order

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: pennsylvania

    I was caught with an empty herb grinder about 6 months ago while at school in pennsylvania. I have since come home for the summer and will not be returning next year. much to my surprise I received a letter containing a fingerprinting order and a date for my preliminary hearing today. I though my case had been thrown out because it was such a minor offense, now it is going to be a major problem. Pennsylvania is a good 9 hour drive from where I live, a good two day trip. am I expected to make this drive multiple times? The cost of one trip is well over $100 in gas and tolls. Is there any way to have the hearing and the rest of the proceedings moved to where I live? could I also have the fingerprinting done at my local police station or somewhere closer to me? I also heard Pennsylvania has reformed its marijuana paraphanalia possession laws recently and was wondering if that could somehow help me. any help is very greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Default Re: Preliminary Hearing, Fingerprinting Order

    Retain a criminal defense lawyer in the county in which you were charged, and try to work something out to resolve the charges with the least number of required court appearances. You cannot be booked in a different state.

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