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    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California
    I was in an auto accident the beginning of January this year. The accident was 100% the other driver's fault. Because of the accident I got a broken left hand (I'm right handed) and a badly bruised knee. According to the Physical Therapist "it will take at least another year for my hand to be as close to normal as it can get"
    Is there a standard amount for pain and suffering for 3 broken metacarpls in the hand? Or is there a standard formula for pain and suffering; for instance, 2 times the medical expenses? If the total med expenses were $5,000.00, I ask for $10,000.00 for pain and suffering? I'm sure her insurance company will low-ball me. But how much can I safely request without having to go to court?

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    But how much can I safely request without having to go to court?
    Reimbursement of medical expenses and proven lost wages.

    I don't advise trying to handle this yourself. Rather, you should be consulting with an attorney if you want a fair settlement.
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