My question involves an easement in the state of: Massachussets
My driveway runs across two other properties back yards and is a Deeded easement to use the property for to drive to my lot and for water (which appears to be before all the surrounding properties had wells of their own put in). My question is I purchased the house five yrs ago and was told by my real estate agent at the time that I could drive or park on any part of the easement. The agent represented both the seller and myself. In the past five years I have had no problem with me doing that but recently the owner of one of the properties moved and is renting it out. The new tenant doesn't like me parking of the driveway that runs through the property he is renting. The owner because the tenant complained has asked me not to park there. Do I have a legal right to park there? The easement does not mention if I can or cannot park on it.