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    Default Parental Abduction Laws in California

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: California

    Good day to whom reads and responds to my question. A couple of weeks ago the mother of my child started to yell at me, belittling me and then started to punch me in the face while holding our child. I did not touch her at all and the entire ordeal was cought on video. The very next morning I called CPS because i was worried about the safety of our child and the mental condition of the mother and there was an order in place for us to seperate pending the CPS investigation. Well in that time I also made a police report and showed the officer the video of abuse. During the investigation the mother ran to another state with the child. Since then there has been a protective order in place, and a pending custody order. She is not to be with in 100 feet of our child and needs to return to the state. I hired a process server in her state and the process server made 6 attemps. She already missed 1 court date, and a second court date is coming up. I already informed the state police department but its been two weeks and I cannot get a hold of anyone over there to find out the safety of my child. She tried to file for child support and I informed the courts in the state she's in of the investigations, and sent them all the paper work. The courts in her state cancelled the child support hearing which means I do not have to pay for now, because their is already a case in this state. I am completely worried for my child, I miss my child and have no idea where my kid is at. Can she continue to hide and run with my child even thow there is pending orders in place pertaining to a protective order and a pending custody order?

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    Default Re: Parental Abduction Laws in California

    Can she? From what you have told us she is doing exactly that. I suggest focusing on getting temporary custody and being prepared to act upon the order you obtain very quickly if you locate the mother and child.

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