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    Default How to Get Arrears Forgiven and Dismissed

    My question involves child support in the State of: IA

    Is this possible? I hear quite a bit about it.
    Had a typical 80's relationship, never married, finally separated and went separate ways. I paid child support up until recently when I lost my job. (6months out now). they are only after the arrears.

    the mother never used the money for what it was intended for (common tale). My oldest confirmed that, and to boot told him and his brother that the reason why she had no money is because I never paid. So when he came up, I showed him all my check stubs for the last 15+years. He had a suspicion that I did, but now its in stone.

    I tried contacting the support, they said they wanted to help (ya right). They said just send $20/mo if that's all you can afford. So I thought, sure I can rummage up a $20 on occasion. Week later the suspended my driving privileges and I cannot tag a car. Nice help.

    I dont even know what arrears are, unless they are referring to payments when me and her were together. But aside from this. both the boys are in their upper 20's and have their own kids.

    How can you get arrears lowered or forgiven. Specially now when I need to get back to work (out of the hospital now), and having 51% of my check taken is worse than not even going.

    Or are there other options? I have always paid - even when i found out years ago she was pocketing it. I figure as long as I was doing what I was supposed too.. that's all that matters. Its too bad the boys never got any of it.

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    Default Re: How to Get Arrears Forgiven and Dismissed

    You can ask your ex- to forgive the money you owe. If she says "no," then that's the answer.

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    Default Re: How to Get Arrears Forgiven and Dismissed

    its that simple? what about court? affidavit? does she call it in? how does that process work. I think I could get her to do that. but I do not know the process. I always thought the arrears were state ordered, not in the control of the "mother".

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    Default Re: How to Get Arrears Forgiven and Dismissed

    If the arrears are owed to your ex then it is in her control as long as there is some consideration for forgiving the arrears. Some could will not allow the arrears just to be wiped away without someother consideration.
    If the arrears in full or part is owed to the state for public assistance reimbursement then the state has control on those arrears and will more than likely not negotiate.

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