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    Default How to Dispute a Lien

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: Washington

    1) Is the 'Notice of Claim of Lien' document essentially the lien itself? Or it is simply a notice to the Recorder's Office that the 'real' lien will be placed on my property soon?

    2) What is the typical procedure in disputing a lien? If it matters, the lien is related to an HOA special assessment that was placed on my account. I found the following link when doing a bit of my own research, and it seems to be the typical steps in disputing a lien.

    Does anyone know if the above RCW 60.08.080 is the correct section I'm supposed to be reading?

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Re: How to Dispute a Lien

    A notice of a claim of lien is exactly what it says it is - a notice that a lien is being asserted. You haven't given us any background to know who might be asserting the lien against what property or on what basis.

    RCW 60.08.080 addresses frivolous and excessive lien claims. As we know nothing about the lien or its basis, we would have no way of telling you if that statute is applicable.

    If you share some basic facts, somebody might be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Default Re: How to Dispute a Lien

    To go into more detail, my Condo Association has put a special assessment on my unit for some repair work that was done.

    Basically, a common element rain drainage pipe was defective and one day caused a small water spot to appear on my bathroom ceiling. I reported it to the Association, and they hired a contractor who came in and excavated my ceiling. They also excavated the bathroom of the unit above me as well before they finally found the pipe and fixed it. They then patched up my unit and the one above me.

    The Association has already paid the contractor already, and now the Association wants both of us to pay for the repairs. We argue that because the source of the leakage was a common element, then any repair procedure to fix it would have to involve the excavation of unit(s) in order to get to the pipe, and therefore should be paid for by the Association.

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