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    Default Security Clearance Concerns

    My question involves criminal records for the state of: Texas

    I was recently chosen for an internship position requiring a security clearance. Work begins on 6/13 and I was concerned about whether or not my past would be an issue. When I was 16, I plead no contest to a class C misdemeanor which after doing community service, I think would be considered a conviction. I did not mention this on my application because at the time of application, I was not aware that it was in fact a conviction. Now my question is whether or not I should call my recruiter to inform the company of my conviction while considering the following:

    Does a security clearance qualify as a reason to access a restricted juvenile record?

    Appreciate any help.

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    Default Re: Security Clearance Concerns

    The security clearance application will ask about such things. You need to truthfully answer these without regard to whether you think the investigators will be able to find out. They definitely do have ways depending on what level of clearance you are asking for.

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