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    Default Father Wants Custody, Mother Denies Medical Treatment

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: SC. My wife "Does not believe in Doctors." her words. So my daughter, 6 yrs, was born at home and has only been to the Dr. twice in her life. When she was 2 days, because of Jaundice, and then a follow up with a Pediatrician, as we were afraid that DSS would get involved if we did follow the discharge instruction to have a follow up visit. She has not been immunized. Thankfully she is in very good health. Except her teeth. Since she was 2 yrs she has had extreme cavities, to the point that her upper teeth are just little rotted stubs. I have tried to bring her to a dentist but she is petrified, as my wife has instilled extreme fear in her. My wife "believes" in Homeopathy. That is the only "treatment" she uses. We have been separated for 3 months and she had been splitting time with me and my wife. 3 days with me 3 days with her and Sundays every other. She has spent all nights with my wife. However my wife has now decided unilaterally that she doesn’t want to let me pick her up till 11 am. As she wants to do "school" with her. I’ve had enough. I’m ready to file for custody so that I can institute a fairer arrangement. Now for me. I have an anger problem that I am being treated for. Although I have not been consistent, I presently am in treatment. I have screamed, yelled, twice hit, and otherwise caused an unhealthy to say the least, environment in the home. Although I have never directed my anger at my daughter. I am by everyone’s account a "Very good father". Children all love me. I have my own company and only work 12-20 hrs per week. So I have a lot of time for our daughter. My wife won’t get a job, even though she is capable because I provide very well for her. That needs to stop. I propose the following. I move out of our home, and my daughter moves in. I and my wife spend every other night at "my daughters" home, and every other Sunday. I'll make the mortgage and find myself an apartment to live in, my wife has one. I get full custody, whatever that means in SC, to make medical and school choices. What do you think my chances are? What would be worst case scenario? Removal by the State of our daughter from both of us?

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    Default Re: Father Custody, Mother Denies Medical Treatment

    So, basically, you are asking if it's time after six years to finally start attending to your child's medical and dental needs, or if you should continue to let things fester until protective services learns of your neglect of your daughter and takes her into foster care? You need to start acting like a grown-up and a parent now, for your child's sake. Right now, you're every bit as guilty of serious neglect as is your wife.

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    Default Re: Father Custody, Mother Denies Medical Treatment

    Why now, so now that you and former spouse have separated you chose to act upon the child recieving medical assistance. If at the time of the childs birth you wanted to have medical assistance, I am certain you would have insisted. Seems it was ok.

    The dental issue your daughter experienced is quite common in small children, however you were living in the home at the same time. I do not believe this to be just your ex wifes issue with medical.

    Additional, anger management is great if you are a WILLING participant and want to change otherwise it is a waste of time.

    The courts will also favor the parent that provides for the child, homepathy health is not a bad thing. Anger is. The fact that you haven't abused her child is not going to go over very well in court, if you have already crossed the line and hit once, no twice as you admitted. once was bad enough. And was your anger for these "hits" directed at your ex wife. Which is a vulnerable female in the courts eyes, as is your Daughter.

    With the fact that you are concerned if the State will remove your daughter. You had better start figuring out how to be a Good parent,get anger management by choice, get medical assistance for your daughter, with dental benefits, and stop worrying about what you ex may or may not do. Get you stuff together so that you can "Be a Very Good Father" and take care of your child. This is a serious case of Neglect on Both Parts~!

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