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    Default Judgment for Credit Card Debt

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of Georgia. What are my options for a judgment against me regarding an old credit card debt (five to seven years ago). I recently became unemployed and I am on unemployment. A lawyer has receive judgment against me by a judge ruling. Can I fight this judgment? Can they take my unemployment money out of my checking account. Is there anything I can do about this?:

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    Default Re: Judgment for Credit Card Debt

    The time to fight it was when you were sued. It's possible, depending on the full facts, that the debt was past the SOL and you were no longer legally on the hook for it. You can contact a lawyer to see about appealing it but I don't know what options you have. Yes, they can seek the funds from your bank although not all of it. They'd have to take a little at a time. From what I can see, UI funds are not protected.

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