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    Default Job Search Records, How Long to Keep

    I'm living in the State of Oregon, currently with a job, and a recent winner of a hearing against the Employment Department. Now I am being asked to provide all of my job search records from 3/15/10 until 3/1/11. I made the mistake of saying I had gotten rid of my records, now I am stuck. There is a gap from 3/20/10-7/15/10 where I am unable to provide the records. I can't find anything.

    How long do I have to, by law, keep my records for.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Job Search Records, How Long to Keep

    You can google the UI office requirements as easily as I can, but common sense would suggest that you keep them AT LEAST for the length of the claim and any associated hearings.

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    Default Re: Job Search Records, How Long to Keep

    You are not required by law to ever keep them. If you don't keep them and they are needed, well, you are the one that loses.

    You should keep them as long as they would be relevant to any issue that might come up. So far, it would appear you should keep them at least a year and a half.

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    Default Re: Job Search Records, How Long to Keep

    Logically...the same as Tax Records....7 years.....better to be safe than sorry....and since they would be tied into to your tax return.....

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