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    Please state the statistical basis for these "facts".

    Specifically, that women victims are far more likely to be killed by their husbands than husbands by their wives.

    FBI stats.

    Really, though, do you doubt it? How often do you read in the newspaper about a guy getting shot to death by his wife? Then compare that to how often you read about a guy strangling or beating his girlfriend to death.

    It is pretty hard for the average sized woman to kill a man without a gun. Even with a knife, a man can often disable her from stabbing him. An average sized man can kill a woman with his bare hands simply by pressing on her trachea for long enough or holding a pillow over her face. How often do you read in the newspaper about a woman who strangled her husband to death or suffocated him with a pillow? I can't think of a single instance of that. There may be if the guy were disabled, but if so, I haven't read about it in my neck of the woods. Compare that to how often you read about a man doing that to a woman he is in a relationship with.

    I can't believe someone would doubt that. You must not read the newspaper much.

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    However, oftentimes famale pepetrator battery is not reported so true statisctical data on that poulation has not been ascertained yet.
    This is true, and I lament the fact that movies/music often portray it as acceptable for a woman to hit a man. However, the size difference is relevant here. I can't generate much force with my bare hands and am more likely to be laughed at if I did connect than to cause damage. Now I am smaller than the average woman but the upper body strength of the average woman is still much less than that of the average man's.

    This is common sense. I might be able to hit a man, but without a weapon, I can't do much damage. Even with a weapon I am likely not to do much damage. I could be easily disabled from hurting a man or even a young male teenager even if I were armed unless it were with a gun. This is why I don't walk alone at night.

    Which is a good point. If a woman gets assaulted when walking alone at night, lots of people think, what a dumbass, what was she doing walking alone at night? The reason they think this is that they understand how helpless the average woman without a weapon is against a man. To the point if we venture outside alone at night we are thought to be morons if we are assaulted. Yet people want to argue about whether or not the size difference between the genders is relevant to domestic violence.

    And it is not even just at night. Right off the top of my head I can think of a high profile woman killed in broad daylight jogging in a park - Chandra Levy. How often are men jogging in a park in broad daylight killed by women? Come on people.

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