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    Thumbs up How Do I Obtain a No Contact Order

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Utah
    My boyfriend and I were involved in an altercation over the weekend which led to him being arrested and charged with assault (domestic violence). I signed the jail release waiver for the no contact order, however in court the judge upheld a longer no contact order..Idk all the details of the judges order because I was only given a very small amount of information from the clerk. I was only told that his pre-trial for the no contact order will be in June, and that we are not allowed to contact eachother until then.
    I am pregnant, it is his first child. I have a major health issues that make this a high risk pregnancy and I do not want him to be kept away from me, my home, or my children. He never hit me or harmed me intentionally. I did sustain a few injuries, one was from him trying to close a door that I had stuck my leg through and he didnt realize my leg was in the way, which I do not even have a bruise from. A scratch on my thumb which I had given myself before he and I even began arguing. And when he did realize my leg was in the way, he tried to help me get my leg out of the door way and I lost my footing and I fell and the side of my head hit a chair leg. I am not nor have I ever been afraid of him, he has never harmed me or laid a hand on me in anger, he has never injured me prior to my leg in the door. We were just arguing and it got loud and I left my apartment to go two doors down to a friends apartment to cool off and the police were called from us yelling at eachother.
    I need help petitioning the court ordered no contact order, I do not want to go through this pregnancy without him. I trust him with my life, with my childrens lives, and with our unborn daughters safety while Im carrying her. This was an argument that was verbally loud and I dont know how to help him. This is a huge misunderstanding. Please, any advice on how to petition the court would be helpful!!

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    you are both endangering the life on an unborn child. Isn't that rather selifsh to expect the court to open the door so you can now fight over the arrest. your abilities to protect your child appear to be greatly lacking.

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    Further, Mom, you need to realize that CPS might be involved because of your other children too.

    Google "failure to protect".
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    If the COURT issued the order on it's own, the order is going to stand until the case is disposed. Period. Even if. And the more fuss you attempt to raise over it increases the odds that CPS will get involved .... exponentially.

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