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    Default Must a Lawyer Respond to or Acknowledge All Communications

    My question involves malpractice by a lawyer in the state of: New Jersey

    I have conflicting information and would like some guidance. I have been advised by one attorney that an attorney is legally required to acknowledge and respond to all correspondance that said attorney receives when the correspondence is related to a case in the attorney represents a litigant, regardless of whether the adversary is represented or is pro se.

    On the other hand, I have been told by another attorney that neither acknowledgement of correspondence, nor response is required.

    So, my question is thus, is a lawyer legally allowed to simply ignore or not respond to correspondence in a case in which that lawyer is representing one of the litigants? Please direct me to the law if there is a such a law, or if it is more a matter of ethical practice and less mandatory requirement, please similarly advise.

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    Default Re: Must a Laywer Respond to or Acknowledge All Communications

    If you're asking whether a lawyer has to respond to all contact by an adverse party, no he does not. That's true even if the adverse party is represented.

    The lawyer is not required to allow an adverse party (and even less a random person who is pestering him about somebody else's case) to waste his time or to run up his client's bill.

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