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    Default Visitation During Child Abuse Investigation

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: Ohio I need to know if there is a law concerning companionship time during a child abuse investigation. Does the law state that visitation should stop until there is a decision made by Services?

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    Default Re: Visitation During Child Abuse Investigation

    No, but the law provides for that possibility.

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    Default Re: Visitation During Child Abuse Investigation

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "the law provides for that possibility." Here's what happened: I filed an abuse report to Services against my ex. They gave my ex-husband visitation on Easter supervised by the person of HIS choice before her scheduled interview. Not only did he bring some guy with him to harrass me and threaten me, but when I got my daughter home she told me that Dad told her if she said anything about him being naked, she would be punished. So she clammed up and the case was closed unsubstantiated. Now he is holding me in contempt and is asking for sole custody. I tried to get a CPO, but they said that I didn't have enough proof of endangerment even though this jerk has told my daughter that I am going to die soon. First Child Services said they didn't want to tip him off as to the allegations, but the caseworker told him everything before she interviewed my daughter. They threatened to arrest me if I didn't let him have her on Easter, so I complied. Now I'm sorry I did. My daughter won't say anything now. She told me she's afraid he'll (my ex) find out. I believe Services blatantly sabotaged this case!

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