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    Default Can an Employer Require Long-Term Employees to Sign Non-Compete Agreements

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: Florida. The owner of my workplace is requiring everyone to sign a Employment Contract with a Non Compete Clause. We are a manufacturing co of products where we have a world wide client base. I do build a refrigerated product. My background is HVAC/Refrigeration. They hired me for my trade experience. I have not been trained at all by them. Its the other way around. I am the only 1 that does my job. There is no secrets to my job. There are no sketches or diagrams either. The order shows my current pay rate. It appears this is a pre-employment contract but it also reads, Term: Employer hires Employee or continues his or her employment beginning immediately. There is a 1 year clause after termination of employment. They also have my name totally misspelled on the contract. I have no access to any customer list or computer. There is no compensation or benefit to sign these. I am in a trade and I should not be restricted thinking I am going to steal a customer. I do work on the side doing electrical and AC repairs. He should give me something if I am going to be restricted from making some side money. This guy uses hard handed tactics.I dont want to sign and neither does the other 50 employees. Can you offer some advice? Thanks.

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    Default Re: After 7 Years of Employment Am I Req to Sign an Employee Agreement W/a Non Compet

    Being that you are in an "at will" state, your choice is to sign the document, or be fired. If it were to come to that.

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    Default Re: After 7 Years of Employment Am I Req to Sign an Employee Agreement W/a Non Compet

    They all sign ... OP does not have to .. if fired, unemployment would be available.

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    Default Re: After 7 Years of Employment Am I Req to Sign an Employee Agreement W/a Non Compet

    The employer can quite legally require that you sign the agreement as a condition of employment. Whether the agreement is legally enforceable is a completely separate issue.

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