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    Default My Tree Fell into Neighbors Yard and Vehicle

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Florida
    My tree fell into a neighbors yard and vehicle. There was no indication that there was anything wrong with the tree before it fell. Am I responisble for this accident? I don't have any homeowners insurance because I am a widow and can't afford it. My neighbor has insurance and has contacted his insurance company. Since I have no insurance what can be done to me?

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    Default Re: My Tree Fell into Neighbors Yard and Vehicle

    if there was no claim of the tree being a hazard or it was not such it was obvious to you, you would not be liable for the damages. Has the neighbor or their insurance company contacted you about the tree?

    Not having insurance does not make you protected in any way. You can still be sued and if you have any assets that are not exempt from judgment collections, they can move to take those assets.

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