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    Default Requirement of landlord to maintain air conditiner units

    does anyone know of a requirement for the landlord to maintain a/c units? we have central heat & a/c, it's not a window unit. it's an apartment complex. we live on the 2nd floor, and that's been maintenance's excuse so far, that hot air rises, and too bad. the a/c runs 24/7 - power bill in summer months 300+. right now it is 87 degress with the a/c on. I found the Florida landlord-tenant act that requires them to provide heat in the winter but i don't see anything about cooling in summer. when you call maintenance the message says it counts as an emergency if your a/c is out and it's hotter than 80 degrees outside. it hotter than 80 degrees INSIDE my apartment. help, please

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    Default Re: Requirement of landlord to maintain a/c units

    Generally speaking, the duty will be contractual - that is, it will be provided for in the lease or fall under the landlord's general duty to maintain the premises.

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    Default Re: Requirement of landlord to maintain a/c units

    Hello mate. I had the same problems as you did with the A/C however mine was just way too small to keep a nice temperature at my place. Last june, my apartment was at 100 F with the A/C running and it was 85 F outside. My place acts as a heat trap beacuase of poor insulation and the high thermal conductiviy of the cement walls and ceiling. I showed up to court, and guess what. The judge told me I couldnt leave my place just like that because they had an A/C that fullfilled their specs, not mine.

    The idiots at my complex fixed it, supposedly (drilling here and there and making some poor attachments) I have never heard such a stupid response in my life, and it makes me thing whether, when checking out the apartment before I moved in, they will allow me to play with the A/C just to see whether it is cool or not. The worst thing is that many of these problems are not pointed out by the landlord before you move in(why well they want to scare you away?) and the landlord tenant law in Florida is pretty much useless since it is very ambiguous. It only claims responsibility for providing you proper heating during winter, like if it snows in Florida (the sunshine state) where I think priority shall be given to heat.

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