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    Default How to Break a Martial Arts Contract

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Michigan

    Ugh, this stupid site deleted the long post I had written out here and I don't feel like typing all that again, so here's the tl;dr version of my problem:

    I signed onto a one-year contract with a martial arts joint. I injured my leg there and I won't be able to take classes for a very long time because of it. It was so bad that when I went to my doctor, she made me go directly to the ER from her office and wrote me a note banning me from taking those classes. This was back in April; I went back today because the ER only gave me a band-aid and a boot in the ass, and I'm still in a lot of pain. She suspects I might have a stress fracture, but I have to go to another place to get an X-ray -- if not an MRI -- to find out.

    My contract says you can only cancel if you move 25 miles away or if you're "permanently disabled". I am not "permanently disabled", but I am injured to the point where I can't take the classes obviously. I tried sending the doctor's note to the shithead loan shark billing company the martial arts joint uses, but they wouldn't accept the note because "it doesn't have a time frame on it" and "it has to be at least six months" according to the douchebag running customer service.

    The point is: aren't there any stipulations in Michigan law that allow people to get out of their contracts for being injured, not just "permanently disabled" the way there are in states like California? Are there any loopholes in Michigan law that help people get out of shitty contracts like this at all? How can they not accept a doctor's note for something like this? More importantly, isn't there any legal way I can get the hell out of this contract and the hell away from this school, so I might heal my leg and not have my bank account sucked dry by a bunch of scammers for classes I can't even use?

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    Default Re: How to Break a Martial Arts Contract

    How about getting an updated note from your doctor that will satisfy the requirements of the company through which you financed your membership?

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