My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: NJ

My ex boyfriend (boyfriend at the time) and I moved in together last year on a one year lease. After living together, it was clear we were not a good match. The relationship became sour, and living togehter was just not comfortable, emotionally draining, and awkward. We decided we could not live out the reaminder of the lease togehter. I wanted to give notice to the office that we would break the lease, and pay any fees and that months rent before we moved out. However, my ex boyfriend, does not want to do that. He wants to leave in secret, not pay any of the rent, and does not want to pay to break the lease. I told him that the landlord will take us to court, and our credit is at risk (Im a college student, and Im not trying to mess my good credit score up.) He does not seem to care, he things he will get away with the excuse of im a broke college student going through a rough time. What can I do? What happens if he doesnt pay his half of the rent (we pay 50/50). HELP PLEASE !