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    Default Probate Court "Update Fees"

    My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Illinois.
    My uncle is supporting a friend (referred to as "her/she" going forward) of his who is going through probate. Her mom passed and i don't know all of the details, but for the past 2 years my uncle has been paying "update" fees to the tune of $150-$500 per day to her to give to the probate court.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone reading this post?

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    Default Re: Probate Court "Update Fees"

    Daily fees of hundreds of dollars, for years? Of course it's a scam.

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    Default Re: Probate Court "Update Fees"

    If it looks like a duck (daily fees), walks like a duck ($150-$500 daily) and quacks like a duck (2 years)'s probably a duck (scam). Time for your uncle to cut off the money flow and seek counsel to sue his friend, if he still has any money left.

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    Default Re: Probate Court "Update Fees"

    Also, tell your uncle I have a friend who is this prince and his home country is torn by war. He has like $50 billion dollars that he needs to get out but can only send it to an American bank. If your uncle will give his bank info I'll ensure it's transfered and will split it!

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