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    Default How to Respond to a Petition for Grandparent Visitation

    My question involves grandparents rights in the State of: AR
    The kids grandfather (who resides in TN) is a total nut job and will say why this is in here but he has filed for grandparents rights in AR and I cant afford a laywer - in the service is says I have 20 days to respond - what do I respond with!
    It says it must be in writing and comply with AR rules of civil procedure.
    now you know where im at now here is the start!
    Me and my wife moved from the area (TN) to MO for me to take a well pay job - we lived there for 2 years and at first all was well ... then towards the end he started harass us - calling all the time - ended up call the police on us and the DFS 2 time but no hotline calls - one time when he was be rude on the phone my wife told him not to call anymore for at least a week - the next day we got 56 unanswered call from him and grandma - the day after that another 33 calls!
    There is 3 kids involved in this the oldest is my STEPSON - he was born before me and my wife was married and these are the mothers grandparents.
    We moved back to TN and in with them after a failed job for me - we stayed (all of us) for about 7 months - I found a job and moved out 20 miles from there house - lived away from there for 8 months and then moved to AR (the co I was working for ask me to move) the time that we lived near he didnt get the kids hardly at all and never overnight from when we moved.
    after we moved about 2 hour drive away he got real upset and made life real hard for the whole famley - talk all kinds of crap to the son (who was 9 at the time) to make a long story short - more police calls several calls to the school and then the wopper - he talked the son into report abuse to the school and they made a hotline call!!
    The DFS found nothing - home was clean and safe ...all that - no problems at all!
    in emails that he sent us - yes I have the copys - he admitted that he was do all that to get coustdy becose we moved away!
    he was hope that the DFS would take our kids then he could get temp coustdy then fight it later to get full coustdy!
    the 5 months we lived at 1 address in AR he visited 3 times just for a few hours per visit then we moved 4 blocks and he visited 2 times there when we ask him to aploygise for what he did and not to do it anymore - no more calls to the school or police .... he said no way and would be more than happy to keep do it or do it again - so for the safty of our famley and to stop the harassment we totaly broke contact with 2 months warning (again in the emails) the last visit for 2 hours was Dec 4 2010 ... 6 months ago.
    Thanks for any info on this!

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    Default Re: How to Respond to a Petition for Grandparent Visitation

    You respond with your answer to his petition. If you aren't comfortable figuring out how to answer a petition consistent with a state's laws and court rules, you need to consider getting help from a legal professional.

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