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    Default Breach of an Oral Agreement

    I agreed to be a cosigner on a bike loan for my boyfirend in consideration that he would stop seeing the other woman(I know I know, stupid) but what done is done. In my thinking he breached an oral agreement. His consideration from me was my signature, I didn't get my promised consideration. Can I force the sale of the bike for this breach. I know the bank will not let me out of the loan agreement, but there has to be a way since he didnt live up to is end of the bargin? In any contract, each side must give the other something of value for the agreement to be binding. This could be a mutual promise of some future benefit. We did have a meeting of the minds or at least so I thought. If he knowingly misled me could it be considered fraud?

    Any suggestions would be great!

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    Default Re: Breach of an Oral Agreement

    Your choice to be cosigner is between you and the lender, not you and your boyfriend. I think it goes without saying that if you are trying to bribe your boyfriend into not seeing other women you're going to end up with nothing but disappointment, but the lender won't care. No, you can't force him to sell the motorcycle or pay off the loan.

    Get a new boyfriend, and hope the old one keeps making his payments.

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