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    Default Garnishment When You Live in One State but Work in Another State

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Illinois

    I live in Illinois and that is where the proceedings are being handled. I received a notice today of a summons that was sent to my employer in Missouri. My question is this, Which laws apply to me Missouri, Illinois, or Federal. The way the calculator works on the judgement from Illinois I would Pay $0. I looked up the other two and it looks as if it Federal would be $12 and Missouri $116. As you can see i would rather it be Illinois or Federal.

    Please let me know if my calculations are correct.

    Bi-Weekly Check:
    Fed tax-$0
    Soc Tax-$27
    MO state-$4

    Child support order $140-every 2 weeks

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    Default Re: Garnishment When You Live in One State but Work in Another State

    States can restrict wage garnishment to less than could be garnished under federal law, but not more. How do you figure that Missouri would allow garnishment above the federal limit?

    A Missouri company can be served with a garnishment order consistent with Missouri law.

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    Default Re: Garnishment When You Live in One State but Work in Another State

    However, since you work in Illinois, Illinois law would apply. Missouri has some pretty strange garnishment calculation laws.

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