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    Default Re: Gender Discrimination at a Bar - Refused to Serve

    Of course, none of that says they cannot refuse to serve a pregnant woman, either.

    How much are you willing top pay an attorney so that you have an opportunity to have a drink? Is it really worth it?

    Even if you are in the right, there is an economic reality in play here. The easiest - and cheapest - way to proceed would be simply go to the next bar or nightclub.

    Check airline rules for flying when pregnant ... I guess someone needs to sue them, too.
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    Default Re: Gender Discrimination at a Bar - Refused to Serve

    Quote Quoting cbg
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    I will once again point out, since the poster herself tried to align the case with employment laws, and since the EEOC and Title VII are employment related, that under employment discrimination laws a single instance rarely (not never, but rarely) is sufficient to support a lawsuit. So EVEN IF the bartender was in the wrong, it's still unlikely that she could successfully sue on that basis.

    It does not matter what she aligns it with, the Ohio Civil Rights Public Accomodation laws apply, not employment laws.

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    Default Re: Gender Discrimination at a Bar - Refused to Serve

    I don't disagree. But since everyone, including you and the poster, seemed determined to bring employment law and the EEOC into it, I thought it was worth mentioning.

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