My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: California

Was headed home from work - I get on I-15 South from Scripps Poway Parkway in San Diego County.

The two left hand turn lanes leading to the onramp end up as three actual onramp lanes. They are metered in the afternoons.

Because there are *no signs* indicating that the left lane is a carpool lane, I have been routinely using it to avoid waiting in line... well, a CHP officer was posted there a couple of days ago, and sure enough, he decided to pull me over and cite me.

I explained to him that there were no signs, but he wanted to hear nothing of it. I signed the ticket and went on my way.

This onramp *used* to have posted 'carpool only' signs, but they were taken down 8 - 9 months ago... The only remnants are a couple of faded white diamonds painted in the lane.

Am thinking with proper documentation and photographs, I should be able to beat this.

Any thoughts?