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    Default Can the State Be Held Accountable for Failure to Protect Child in Custody

    My child is a diagnosed sexually aggresive youth. He was taken into state custody approx 7 months ago. We, the parents voluntarily asked for assistance from the state for lack of ANY others opptions. Despite the documentation provided, and the verbal warnings given by the parents and others, he was placed in a minimum security facility. after breif stays in several foster homes. During his stay there he offended. he is now being charged with a felony crime as an adult.

    Can someone talk to me about my options? what can I do to help my Son?

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    Default Re: Can the State of Wa. Be Held Accountable for Failure to Protect Child in Custody

    Get him a lawyer? Get custody of him back and have him committed to a psychiatric facility? A little late as the horse it outta the barn so to speak. Are you saying he offended while in a minimum security youth detention facility, halfway house, where? It's not unusual for someone with no history to get minimum security, depending on what landed them there in the first place. While it is possible there was a failure in the system, the only one that the state failed to protect is your son's victim...not your son. Without knowing the full facts, we have no way of saying whether the state did anything outside their legally mandated required duties or departmental policies. What caused you to give him up? Had he offended previously?

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    Default Re: Can the State of Wa. Be Held Accountable for Failure to Protect Child in Custody

    He has had a history of "almost" offences, and 2 documented, but not processed because he was under 12. The state was fully aware of how dangeroous he "could be" as they had their own professionals evaluate him. we went to them for help, attempting to protect him, our other children, and the public.
    The hiccups in the system came when they informed us that because he had not previously been convicted, he did not "qualify" for addmission to any of the speacialty institutions the state runs for SAY. And that to get him into on of those facilitys where he could get the treatment, counseling and therapy that he so desperatly needs, they had to have custody of him, which we did. There began the bouncing around.... 3 facilties, 4 "specialized" foster homes, all of which he was removed from because the staff felt he was to dangerous to keep there.

    AND....I agree, the state did fail to protect the victim in this, and I pray for that child and his family. This is exactly what we were trying to avoid. The system is only set up to helpp those have already offened, not to help those that recognize a problem and want to correct it BEFORE a crime is committed.

    We tried psychiatric facilitys. We exhausted all possibilties BEFORE we went to the state for help, they were our last hope.

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